Our tiny houses is located within the green areas in the map below. Esther, Ebbe and Vilgot is in the area closest to Hjo. Rufus is in the area more north.


Explore the forest, your closest neighbour!

Walk on the paths and the moss, sit down on a rock. Just enyoy the forest and the calm.


Close to the housees there are two certified hiking trails,  Västra Vätterleden and Pilgrimsleden Hjo – Kungslena.

Photo Credits: Jonas Ingman/westsweden.com


Our beloved town! Just a few kilometers away, perfect for a daytrip on foot or by bike. Also by car if you really need to. In Hjo you will find shopping, restaurants, ice cream and everything else you need. Also, its a lovely picturesque and award winning old wooden town with a lovely harbor.

Photo Credits: Linus Bergman/westsweden.com


Most forest roads and paths are excellent for mountain biking or gravel biking. The outdoor area Högaliden in Hjo also has some nice tracks.

Photo Credits: Jessica Carlén/westsweden.com


Tiveden offers interesting nature experiences and a strong sens of wilderness amid disticts with cultural traditions betseen Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. Here, in one of southern Sweden´s wildest forests, you can hike in chaotic expanses strewn with boulders up to 10 meters high that were carried here by the inland ice.

Tiveden is just 70 km away, a perfect daytrip.

Photo Credits: Jesper Anhede


This scenic area offers a wide range of outdoor activities for all ages.

Here you also find Hökensås Sportfiske that offers fishing mainly for rainbow, trout and char.