Together with the local restaurant Biergarten, we have developed a food concept.

Our food package consists of three dishes + breakfast.
The hot dishes are:

  • Wild boar, lamb and pork sausages
  • Lamb skewers
  • Hamburger

All dishes come with nice side orders and sauces. Everything prepared to easily cook yourself over the fire. Price 675:- / person.

The package is perfect for stays of two nights or longer. You prepare the dishes in the order you want, but together the food is enough for two dinners, one lunch and two breakfasts.

All meals if you stay two nights! If you stay longer, you can still book the package and be sure that the fridge is full when you check in and you can enjoy the peace and quiet for a few days before you have to go and shop a bit yourself.

The concept, let’s call it “make away” is developed by Biergarten. The meat are local and come from the award-winning small-scale butcher Lilla Spännefalla.

Please note that beverages are not included.

Vegetarian options can be arranged, but please contact us before booking.