Huset: 58.28555, 14.24002
Parkering: 58.28524, 14.24223

It is a short walk, about 200 meters from the car park to the house. It is an ok road where you can, for example, walk with a stroller.

The road to parking is good. Park a little on the side of the road so we can get past to, for example, fill water.

Key delivery

The key to the house is in a key box. The box sits on the west side of the wooden deck, just to the left of the door and on the side of the entrance deck.

You have received the code for the box in your check-in mail which arrived a few days before arrival.

When leaving, place the key in the box again and be sure to change the numbers so that the code cannot be read.

NOTE. To lock the door from the outside with a key, the handle must first be turned upwards.

Other info

We also ask you to only use the products from Sjö och Hav that we provide when you stay with us. They are ecologically degradable and help us be off-grid. There is washing-up liquid, soap and shampoo in the house when you check in.